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What is Meat Tenderizer ?

A meat tenderizer is used to tenderize slabs of meat in preparation for cooking.

  • Raw Pineapple and Papaya are excellent meat tenderizers.

But you don’t need any meat tenderizer, if you purchase meat from Chef & Butcher. Since we offer only Tender Chicken & Tender Goat Meat to our customers.

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How to make South Indain Style Emu Curry (Step by Step) ?

Make South Indain Style Emu Curry in just 3 quick steps…,

South Indain Style Emu Curry
South Indain Style Emu Curry

Ingredients :

150g – Emu Meat (Small Pieces)
3 – Onions (Chopped)
3 – Green Chilly (Chopped)
2 – Curry Leaves
1 – Coriander
1 tsp – Garam Masala
2 tsp – Ginger Garlic Paste
1 – Tomato (Chopped)
3 tbsp – Coconut Paste
1 tsp – Kus Kus / Semolina Paste
2 tbsp – Oil
2 tsp – Pine Apple Paste
2 tsp – Coriander Powder
Red Chilly Powder

Step 1 : Marinate Emu Meat on Pineapple Paste

Marinate Emu Meat with Pineapple Paste, Chilly Paste, Little Ginger Garlic Paste, Salt and Red Chilly Paste.

Step 2 : Cooking Emu Meat 

Fry the Green Chilly, Onion & Curry Leaves, Than add remaining Ginger Garlic Paste along with Water, Tomatoes, Coriander Powder, Chilly Powder and Salt. Mix it well than add Marinate Emu Meat and Cook.

Step 3 : Final 

Add Coconut Paste & Coriander Leaves, if the Meat Half Cooked. Take Off the flame after the meat is cooked well.

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How to make Kerala Style Emu Meat Masala (Step by Step) ?

Make Kerala Style Emu Meat Masala in just 2 quick steps…,

Kerala Style Emu Meat Masala
Kerala Style Emu Meat Masala

Ingredients :

1kg – Emu meat
2 tsp – Ginger Garlic Paste
4 tsp – Red Chilli Powder
½ tsp – Turmeric Powder
½ tsp – Coriander Powder
½ tsp – Pepper Powder
½ tsp – Garam Masala Powder
8 nos. – Green Chillies (Chopped)
4 cups – Water
4 tsp – Coriander Leaves
6 tsp – Ginger (Chopped)
6 tsp – Garlic (Chopped)
¼ cup – Coconut Oil
Curry Leaves

Step 1 : Cook for 10 Minutes

Add Ginger garlic paste, red chilly powder, turmeric powder and coriander powder on coconut oil (2 tsp) and saute for 3 minutes. Add Emu meat, curry leaves, salt and water. Cook this in a low flame for 10 minutes.

Step 2 : Fry for another 5 Minutes

Take a pan add the chopped green chillies, chopped ginger garlic and coriander leaves and fry them on coconut oil. Then add the emu meat and fry for 5 minutes. Add the pepper powder and garam masala powder and mix well.

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What’s Emu ?

Emu Bird
Emu Bird

Emu, a large flightless bird of Australia. It is a ratite (one of a group of flightless birds, which includes the ostrich, cassowary, and kiwi). The emu is second in size only to the ostrich. It is about five feet (1.5 m) tall and weighs up to 120 pounds (54 kg). The emu is covered with coarse, drooping, brownish-black feathers on the back and light brown feathers on the legs. The neck is bare and is light blue. Emus can run up to 30 mph (48 km/h) and are good swimmers. They feed on vegetation, fruit, and insects. Males communicate with low guttural noises; females with loud booming calls. The female lays 7 to 12 dark green eggs with grainy shells in a ground nest of leaves and grass. The male incubates the eggs and cares for the chicks. The chicks are pale gray with light yellow stripes down the neck and back. During the 1930’s, they were considered pests and were hunted extensively.

MeatHD – 26430070 : 09.00 AM to 06.00 PM.
Call 26430070 for Fresh Emu Meat Home Delivery.

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Richness of Emu Meat

MeatHD – 26430070 : 09.00 AM to 06.00 PM.
Call 26430070 for Fresh Emu Meat Home Delivery.

Emu meat is pulpy and has 98 % fatty acid with low cholesterol. It contain creatin & phosphocreatin. Emu meat is dark red in colors and has 5.5 pH value. The taste of Emu meat is delicious as its thigh muscles is an excellent alternative of beef as per tastes texture. Emu meat has high protein content & less calories & sodium. It contains more vitamin C as compare to other meat but it has 4 times less calories as compare to beef.

Emu Meat
Emu Meat

The constituents of Emu meat:

• Proteins: 8.4gms
• Fats: 4.7gms
• Saturated Fats: 25%
• Cholesterol: 87mg
• Iron: 5.0mg
• Calories: 164 kcal
• Copper: 0.24mg
• Sodium: 65mg
• Magnesium: 28.7mg
• Manganese: 0.030mg
• Phosphorous: 269mg
• Potassium: 375mg
• Selenium: 44mcg
• Zinc: 4.6mg
• Folic acid: 9.0mcg
• Vitamin B12: 8.5mcg
• Thiamin: 0.32mg
• Niasin: 8.9mg
• Riboflavin: 0.55mg

MeatHD – 26430070 : 09.00 AM to 06.00 PM.
Call 26430070 for Fresh Emu Meat Home Delivery.

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Chef & Butcher :: The Specialty Fish & Meat Shop

Chef & Butcher is newly opened neighborhood food store specialized in non-vegetation categories. And it is located just behind the Mantri Residency Apartment in Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore.

Our Specialized Non-Vegetation categories,

Raw Meat

Fresh Chicken Range

  • Fresh Whole Chicken
  • Fresh Skinless Chicken
  • Chicken Boneless
  • Chicken Drumstick
  • Chicken Leg
  • Chicken Fillet
  • Chicken Lolly Pop
  • Country Chicken

Fresh Goat Range (Mutton)

  • Goat Meat (Aged < 1 : Lamb)
  • Goat Meat (Aged < 2 : Mutton)
  • Mutton Leg
  • Mutton Kheema
  • Mutton Payas
  • Mutton Boneless

Fresh Sheep Range (Mutton)

  • Sheep Meat (Aged < 1 : Lamb)
  • Sheep Meat (Aged < 2 : Mutton)
  • Mutton Leg
  • Mutton Kheema
  • Mutton Payas
  • Mutton Boneless

Sea Fish Range

  • Seer Fish (Neyi Meen)
  • Pearl Spot (Karimeen)
  • Shark (Sraavu)
  • Silver Fish (Veloori)
  • Tuna Fish (Choora)
  • Pomfret (White & Black – Avooli)
  • Mullet (Kannambu)
  • Sardine (Mathi)
  • Mackerel (Ayla)
  • Cat Fish (Yeta)
  • Ribbon Fish (Vaala)
  • Sole Fish (Mandal)
  • Anchovy (Netholi)
  • Mullan
  • Mussel (Kallimeykai)
  • Tiger Prawn
  • White Prawn
  • Flower Prawn
  • Brown Prawn
  • King Prawn
  • Scampi
  • Lobster
  • Crab (Njandu)
  • Cuttle Fish
  • Squid (Kanava)
  • Lady Fish
  • Red Fish (Killi Meen)
  • Red Snaper (Chempally)
  • Indian Salmon
  • Palu
  • Cowrey (Therandy)

Fresh Water Fish Range

  • Hilsa
  • Katla
  • Rovu
  • Bethki
  • Thengda
  • Papda

Special Meat Range

  • Duck Meat
  • Turkey Meat
  • Rabbit Meat

Cooked Meat / Cold Cut

  • Grilled Chicken (Full / Half)
  • Chicken Original Kabab
  • Chicken Salami
  • Mutton Sausages
  • Chicken Samosas
  • Mutton Samosas

Shop Location 

Shop Location
Shop Location