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Health Benefits of Eating Fish : You Can’t Miss

Fish Fry
Fish Fry
  1. Fish contains many essential nutrients including iodine and Vitamin D. Eating fish regularly can help in improving brain and eye function and cut down risk of various diseases.
  2. Eating fish regularly have been found to reduce risk of heart attack and stroke.
  3. Regular consumption can reduce decline in brain function during old age. People who eat fish regularly have been found to have more grey matter in the brain centers which are responsible for controlling memory and emotion.
  4. An important function of omega-3 fatty acid in fish is that it may help in fighting and treating depression. People with depression can include fish in their diet along with various anti-depressants, in order to fight depression more effectively.
  5. Fish is the only good dietary source of Vitamin D. Vitamin D is quite a common deficiency in people and is essentially acquired by the body through exposure to sunlight. You can also have cod liver oil to increase Vitamin D consumption. Sufficient Vitamin D is required for healthy bones and joints.
  6. People who consume fish regularly are less likely to suffer from autoimmune diseases like type 1 diabetes. Regular fish consumption also reduces risks of rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis.
  7. Incidence of asthma in children can be reduced by regular fish consumption.
  8. Fish can help in protecting vision in old age and may also help in improving sleep quality. Improved sleep quality results in improved function on day-to-day basis.

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Chef & Butcher on Panathur now

It’s our great honor to serve another new set of locality with most hygienic meat supply and delighting customer service.

We are setting up our new outlet #82/3, Dhanaswi Tower, Bhoganahalli Cross, Panathur Main Road, Panathur, Kadubeesanahalli, Bangalore, Karnataka – 560103.


About Chef & Butcher – The Specialty Fish & Meat Shop,

Your trusted neighborhood meat shop specialized in Chicken, Mutton and Seafood categories at your locality.

We source chicken from Halal Certified processing plant and mutton from verified vendors, who has years of experience & deep belief in Halal Practices. We source fish & seafood from Mangalore, Chennai and Andhra Pradesh to offer wide range in the category.

Our Mission :  To become the most trusted meat shop in your locality.

Store Timing : 8.00 AM to 9.00 PM [All 7 Days]
For Enquiry : +91 888 447 5550

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Buy variety of Bengali fish from Chef & Butcher, Bangalore

We have great news for Bengali Fish lovers in Bangalore… 🙂 Happy to introduce different varieties of Bengali Fish across our selected outlets in Bangalore. We import all Bengali fishes from Kolkata, West Bengal.


The big list of fish available with us from West Bengal,

Aar Mach  / Aor Fish
Bata / Reba Fish
Bele / Goby Fish
Bengali Lemon
Boal / Wallago Fish
Catla / Katla / Bengal Carp
Chara Pona / Baby Rohu/Katla Fish
Desi Tengra / tangra / Mystus Tengara
Desi Tilapia / Block Tilapia
Ilish / Hilsa / Elish
Kajuli / Ailia coila Fish
Kechki / Ganges River Sprat
Koi Mach / Climbing perch
Kucho Chingri  / Small Prawns
Mola / Mola Carplet
Pabda / Indian Butter Fish
Parshe Fish
Punti / Olive barb
Rui / Rohu / Carp Fish
Shingi Mach / Stinging Catfish
Topse Mach / Topse Mach

You can also call us for home delivery if you stay within 6km from our selected outlets,

Kadugodi / Whitefield Outlet : +91 888 448 5550
#29/1, ITI Muniyappa Complex, Next to AAXIS Hospital, Kadugodi – Hoskote State Highway, Belthur Village, Kadugodi, Bengaluru – 560067.

Electronic City Outlet : +91 8884 9992 44
#78/1, Opp. to Andhra Bank, On the way to St. Xavier’s School, Bettadasanapura Main Rd., Electronic City Phase – 1, Bengaluru – 560100.