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Simple & Good Practice for Handling Meat & Seafood


Recommendation for handling, storing and cooking meat items,

  1. Buy Meat & Seafood from a trusted seller near your place.
  2. After buying meat & seafood, take them straight to your refrigerator (40°F / 4.4°C or below).
  3. Freeze fresh meat & seafood immediately if it won’t be used within 2 days.
  4. Keep raw meats & seafood away from other food items.
  5. Wash hands and cutting boards in hot soapy water after cutting meat & seafood.
  6. Never thaw meat at room temperature; Thaw meats only in the refrigerator (normally 8 hours / overnight).
  7. Cook your meat (165°F / 74°C) & seafood (145°F / 63°C) thoroughly.

There is a misconception that coronavirus (COVID-19) will spread through chicken, mutton and seafood. There is nothing like that. It is scientifically not proven. – FSSAI Chief G S G Ayyangar


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